A good and well located office space helps to build your brand name. More than home, we are going to spend most of our time in the office. While choosing the right office space we generally look for the location, accessibility and cost. The right office space will consist of several factors that need to be undertaken while choosing or deciding. So here are some pro tips to decide what you have see while buying or renting your office space for yourself or your company.

These are as follows:

  • LOCATION: Choosing the proper location for your office space is a must that you should consider before finalizing. The area should be easily approachable for you, your staff and your visitors. Look for the places that have metro, public transport, markets, etc near to your location. Also look for attractive surroundings as better the surroundings, the pleasant it will for working.
  • SIZE: The next important factor is the size of the office space you are looking for. After location look for the right size for your perfect office space. The space should be ideal for all your needs, be it cabins. Workstations, conference, reception, pantry, storage etc. Look for best sizes at iThums Galleria as they provide the ideal size range. iThums Galleria provides the all sizes of office space giving you the best view of the city, as this is a 3side open land. You can sip your coffee and can become stress free. Sounds great.
  • OTHER FACILITIES: now look for the other add-on facilities. These facilities can act as a cherry on the cake. Better surroundings are directly related to productivity. iThums Galleria has Restaurants, Food court, multiplex, Entertainment zone etc. which help to enlighten the evening and the holidays. iThums Galleria provides exquisite office spaces with facilities such as:
    • Two Basement Parking
    • Sitting Lobby on each floor
    • Wide balcony for separate Office 
  • PRICE: This is another important aspect before finalizing your office space. Considering everything mentioned above, it is now essential to look for the price within your budget. The hidden costs on top of the basic price are also to be taken into account.

These are four important aspects that are worth considering before taking the final call and one should not overlook these aspects at all. If you are still confused and are struggling to take the decision, get in touch with our highly proficient squad at